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You know how it is this time of year. Specifically in Joburg. It’s colder. The air is drier and our, or should I say my, skin starts to need much more love

Every year, without fail, I promise to drink more water, never forget my sun block and love my skin even more because it will not just stay wonderful just because i wish it so. What’s the phrase?  “You will never be as young or as old as right now”

Sometimes the search for winter skin loving products is fun. Sometimes not. And most times I just wish one product could be perfect all year round.

In Summer, I tried out Dove’s Deep Core Complex lotion and loved how easy it was absorbed into my skin and I didn’t feel icky and gross during the day. My skin could breathe and I didn’t feel the need to powder myself all over to keep it aired and not feeling sweaty

Recently, the lovely people at Dove sent me a hamper of Dove goodies including the Dove DeepCare Complex body lotion (for dry skin) yo try out.


Of the two they sent, I’m so excited to try out the one with Shea Butter.  Everyone knows my obsession with vanilla, cocoa butter and shea butter.  They have this warm friendly love filled scent about them. Can’t go wrong.

Usually I would go straight to the body butter tubs because I imagine they have a thicker consistency that protects one from the harshness of dry and cold weather,  so I’m looking forward to putting the Dove lotion through its paces.

Check back in a few days for my yay or nay.

So far. I love the smell. Soft and warm.

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