I’ve been off work for about two weeks, so my last night was my last ‘free’ night! So I went to Waiting Room. Bad move. But all was forgiven because I hung out with some of my favourite people – with just the right energy, wit, warmth and humour.

One of the highlights was meeting DJ, who is not a DJ – Daniel Jayson Joo. Creative mind from Korea, raised in Brazil and currently residing in the U.S. He’s here for the world cup and will be posted mainly in Johannesburg, but he couldn’t miss the opportunity of being in Cape Town. Incredibly interesting man.

You can check out his blog for more about him and how he’ll be spending his time in South Africa.

Another highlight – I took the plunge and followed Robyn’s advice and wore black and brown together. Growing up, this was a big no-no, so it took be by surprise to find that putting the two colours together isn’t at all a faux pas and I wont be fined by the fashion police. I think I looked killer. Next we try black, navy and purple. I’ve already bought a purple scarf, now to find something navy. Heaven knows I have enough black outfits.

Back to work tomorrow – extremely excited. But not about not being able to go to the Converse launch at Misael. I’ll console myself somehow, although the mad hatters company is way more precious, so I guess I’m already over it.