shoddy camera quality : (

Yesterday I turned 27. eeeek

The day was spent at the office and meeting clients, all in a day’s work of what I call the superhero mission of saving the world from bad ads, one day at a time. I didn’t mind working on my birthday, because it turns out I quite like my job.

I wore a pretty blue dress (sorry no picture), I had a bounce in my step, I thanked people for their sweet twitter, facebook, email, text, bbm and calls wishing me a special day and saying warm fuzzy things about me being awesome to them, and even though I’d woken up wanting my birthday to be over and done with I warmed to the idea of enjoying the one day the world acknowledges your right the let it thank you for existing.

Later in the evening my friends treated me to their wonderful company over drinks at The Attic, which was all quite lovely and I got to hear some great news of the happenings in everyone’s lives and how much 2012 has been showering their lives with blessings. It’s so great sharing in happiness. Well deserved.

I hope 27 will be a game changer year. I feel something. Not sure what it is yet. The kind of discintent that creates great things.

Anywhoo. The picture has little and a lot to do with my birthday. For one, that skirt belonged to my mother and we were talking about this picture last night for reasons I can’t divulge yet. It was special.

I drove home wailing my eyes out because I was bursting with joy from the love I felt.

All was copacetic with my world. I do wish I had a delicious boy to make out with though. Maybe next year.

Thankful to be alive, now to make sure I live while I am alive.