I’m a cynic. I’m a cynic in the advertising industry.
I believe a lot of things, but usually can’t take off my ad hat when I see advertising…
Cynicism kind of comes with the territory; so when I am moved and find myself smiling or wanting and sharing an ad, you must know, it’s a big day… and, two of them are local creations.

This week, I’m in love (maybe we can call it “in like”) with these three ads:

1. Consol’s new “Celebrate the good life, with glass” campaign.

Look at all those beautiful people. It is shot beautifully, moves as deliberately as the movie “DRIVE” and just makes sense. Slick.
(I’m also more aware that I already prefer my drinks in glass. Didn’t pay attention before)
#IveArrived – showing people who are on their way or have “made it” making that conscious decision to enjoy life with only the best.

2. Coca – Cola “Share a Coke”

How cute is it. At first I thought, ja right, like Coca Cola would put names on their bottle. But low and behold, the TVC isn’t just some cute idea, it actually follows through by showing the actual product as it can be found in store. An of course, the dog’s name – every one knows that’s what all township dogs are named. Great insight used as part of the messaging. Now can we please find a bottle with my name, spelled without “h”

#ShareaCokeZA – Buy a coke and share it with the person whose name is on it… very sweet

3. Mercedes Benz – “Chicken” magic body control

Now this ad is not as new as the other two I’m loving this week.
I love it because it is so unexpected. And the car doesn’t even feature – purely selling you on the feature itself. So clever.

Over and out.


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Rahul vijay
Rahul vijay

uptil I saw the draft for $9576 , I be certain that...my... neighbour was actually bringing in money in there spare time on their apple labtop.