Some of the wonderful things I had fun shopping for in Zanzibar. Mostly in Stone Town shops and markets.  
Kilimanjaro Arabica Coffee. 

 The coffee smells so amazing. I haven’t tried it yet because I absolutely love the packaging and don’t really want top open it yet.

African Pride Tea

 I love tea. I love vanilla. So the two together are just magic. The Masala tea i got because I’d been told it tastes and smells very similar to Chai. It does. Spicy, aromatic and delicious.

For my little 6 month old nephew

and another one for Afika

 I think I would have bought anything if it was an interesting print. This bag was unnecessary and not my style, but loved the reds and olives

 I think this is the most interesting top I have. Love the wing effect.

Who am I without notebooks? I love having them, I loving giving them as gift. The one on the far right I gave to my sister, to document her journey into motherhood and use as her journal. The second one from the right  gave to my wonderful sunshine Miss Milli  and the other two are all mine! Aren’t the prints amazing? Think I want to start making covered notebooks actually

And finally

 Fabrics to make amazing items. Now just to find someone to make stuff for me. Been looking online for styles of skirts and shirts. Definitely want a high waisted pencil skirt first!

Today, I’ve used one of the prints as a head wrap for the first time. Loving the nubian queen feel.