Guys. I’m about to tell you about one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that you’ll just kick yourself for if you don’t try! You have to enter, and tell everyone you know to enter.

We all love to travel, we all dream of travelling the world, My Destination does you one better on your dreams and invites you to actually experience every city or island you have ever wanted to go to and do the things you’ve either read about in books, magazines, on other lucky people’s blogs , seen on TV and movies. This is it. This is your time to shine, see the world and share the world with the world. Not only would you get what you want – lots of stamps in your passport; but you’d be part of the beautiful act that is inspiring other people to travel. There’s so much world out there, it has to be seen, touched, and lived.

What am I talking about? The competition of a lifetime: THE BIGGEST BADDEST BUCKET LIST!



Six whole months of globe-trotting  well six continents of the globe, all expenses paid (so that dream of eating frog in Thailand, dancing on the streets with thousands of other people on the streets of Salvador, visiting the tallest building in Moscow, eating at the restaurant where a scene of Kill Bill was shot would all be paid for) trip for one lucky citizen of planet earth. That person could be you. You could be the one trying out the world and reporting via blogs and vlogs of your experiences for half a year.

What do you need to do to win?

Create one 3 minute video about your favourite destination, write one 500 word blog post about your best travel experience and three pictures that go along with your story. Easy right?

More information and tips here –

You have until 31 March 2013 to enter – but you really want to do it sooner because one of the ways to make it to the top 10 short list is by making a lot of noise about your submissions. Of course, that ‘s not the only way – great submissions will also be selected by the people at My Destination. It really could be you. Yes you, the one who has read this far and is currently hyperventilating at the thought that your dreams could quite simply come true.

It gets better. When you get back from the six month whirlwind job of experiencing the world and telling the world about the world – you get $50 000 to start a fresh in your new path at home (or wherever you please). That’s close to half a million sweet ZAR.

I’ve been lucky before to have lived my dream of travel, thanks to the globe-trotting competition I won from Smirnoff a few years ago. 32 cities and islands over 13 months reporting our travels in search of original nightlife via blogs, vlogs, magazine articles and more. I would absolutely love to enter, but I think it’s time to give other children a chance.

The world awaits you… your passion for travel, your love of storytelling, picture taking, people meeting and try everything once self could be the lucky winner. Life will never be the same again.

Check this video out for more inspiration, then get on with your game plan to travel the world.



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