Rape is in the news, on fingertips, tongues and screens and people are expressing their outrage and ‘shock’ and dismay and sadness.

A few days ago I saw my timeline filled with tweets about this and that and rape being wrong and that pledges must be signed, that marches must be organised, that we need to talk… then something in me saw red and I proceeded to tweet rant.

I am bored to death with talk. I am bored to death with marches that are convenient. I am bored to death with the tip toe-ing around the issue. I am bored to death with the diplomatic route. I am ready for us to really make a stand, make shit happen.

So here, are some of my tweets.


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What ideas do you have as to making a real difference to make rape stop and while it happens, it be taken seriously and not just an issue that happens to ‘others’. If we can block roads for e-tolls, surely we can have a week of TOOLS DOWN, block roads, stop productivity and cripple the economy even if just for a day so that we and our government can take rape, counselling, prosecution and education seriously enough to do something IMMEDIATELY?


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  1. […] I, however, hope that I won’t be vilified by De Vos et al for expressing my rage against rape mainly because I am a man just as one of the #Slutwalkjhb organisers Walter Pike was accused by many Twitters and Facebookers. Addressing this sickness needs all of us. […]