I have this group of awesome people I call friends. We get together every so often for beautiful random nights,  mainly for what we call Games Night. (Usually only play 30 Seconds)

Last week, we changed it up and followed random to Cyrildene for Korean BBQ and Karaoke.

This may have been the most random most awesome most hilarious most soul filling night this year. 

We went to a Korean BBQ called Gangnam (no jokes) on Derrick ave in Little China run by the most wonderful woman. The food was amazing.

The idea behind Korean BBQ is to order cuts of meat from the menu that you cook yourself at he table accompanied by Korean style condiments and veggies and more. My tummy met God. 

The night proceeded down the road to a weird building that is home to an amazing Karaoke centre.  I have no words for how random this night was.

We screeched to Whitney, Celine, Alicia and more in sound proof private room with drinks and selection of fruit. (Random)

Thank you to my Games Night gang; a week later I’m still chuckling.