I walked into the lion’s den
My eyes were wide open, only blurred by the smoky residue of misguided love
It was dark, it was moist, the air tasted of pain and bliss, I felt exhilarated, alone and alive
I knew what was coming, but I couldn’t name or explain it
It was familiar, and in that familiarity I knew that I knew nothing.
What was to be expected was unknown, yet it was an age old lesson to be learnt
A lesson that had to be learnt; not from anyone else’s misstep but my own
Into the lion’s den i glided, tentative, with my head held high.
In the lion’s den, I remembered I was Nonesi and Tobile’s daughter
In that dense air, I remembered I was Anda’s sister, Afika’s aunt, a part of something
In that fear, I remembered that I had a path to walk
In that place of no return, I remembered that I was to be
Into the lion’s den I walked,
eyes wide open, body in limbo, self in destruct, heart knowing, soul begging
Into the lion’s den I danced
and in there I knew, with blood in veins competing with the fiery rage of the sun, I knew
I would live the last moments of my old life
Into the lion’s den, I blinked
In there, I knew, I had to awaken Akona