This is a long overdue post.

Some time ago, Dove asked me to participate in a cool campaign for them to try out the Dove beauty cream bar for 7 days.

Let me begin by telling you that I am absolutely NOT the type to use a soap bar. I find them icky and awkward, but I went ahead and agreed because, well, why not? I’m a fan of bottled nature related goodies, like this rooibos face wash I’ve been using for a while. As they say, try everything once… so I did.

To go with the beauty cream bar, the lovely people at Dove also sent me some of their other products including body wash, deodorants, moisturisers, shampoo and conditioner. Before then, I’d honestly only thought of Dove as being the brand that makes soap – in a bar.

The week, that started on Monday 5 Nov, I was asked to wash my face with the soap bar and send them a picture of myself and my thoughts on the product. Washing my face with the soap, in theory, was easy enough, but in reality, a little more than a mission. My habit to reach for my usual face wash was strong and every morning, I had to tell myself to ignore the usual and try something new.

From the very first day though, I fell in love. The beauty cream bar was easy to handle, smelt nice, easy to lather my face and from the moment I rinsed, I could tell that it really wasn’t like other soaps. My skin didn’t feel dry immediately after rinsing! The days that followed, my skin felt lighter – feather light almost, cleaner, richer and loved.

I never before believed that “quarter moisturised” thing that Dove advertising has – but it’s true. It’s true in that I found myself not needing to reapply moisturiser during the course of the day for my dry skin in this highveld dryness we have. My skin felt loved and nourished. (I probably sound like an ad) I’ve even started to use the Dove beauty bar on my whole body. Same, magnificent, rich, loved results.

I’m sold. I buy the hype and I’m a new Dove customer.

You can see my Dove 7 day test journey on

Well worth it.