I am officially driving myself crazy!
This morning I came to a realisation that I need to stop harping on about wanting to fall in love lest the universe just brings someone along to shut me up and I end up falling for an undeserving idiot. To quote myself “When the time is right, he will be right”



I really want to be in love. Really really. 

What is so wrong with wanting to be with someone who knows what each of my smiles mean? Someone to laugh with. Someone who will be that first call in the morning, the last call in the evening. Someone to challenge my thinking, someone who will learn something from me, someone to learn, someone to like, someone to one day love. Go on romantic picnics with, discuss music, art, poetry and life with. Someone to go on trips with, someone to dream with and someone to create memories and a life with.

On one hand, I get all this from myself and my friends, but he would be that other element that speaks to another part of me, but also as integral as my family and friends.

I want it. I really want to be in a beautiful relationship with all the ups and downs and all those moments that remind you that life is worth it.

Love is beautiful. Love is truth. Love is art. Love is everything we are.