A few weeks ago, I got the awesome news from the lovely people at Cosmpolitan magazine that I had been selected as part of a great group of women who were to be crowned as Cosmo’s 2012 Twitter Queens

I was on cloud nine that whole day. And for the days leading up to the shoot promised not to swear on twitter. lest I am deleted from the list. Still trying not say anything terrible on the social network until the magazine is printed and in store – in case they pull my profile. tl tl tl

The shoot was so much fun, I was nervous as hell but one of last year’s twitter queens, Jo Lurie talked me through throwing the nerves off a cliff and stomping them dead. I did. I relaxed. and had an amazing time.

The hair I styled myself and the hairstylist and photographer decided it was great and didn’t have to change it up. Got make-up done, put on a pretty shirt and accessories and then it was light’s, camera, winning smile!


The Twitter Playground 2012 Cosmo Queens will be featured in the September issue of the magazine to see the final product and the rest of the super interesting women chosen this year.

Thanks to @ThatNicole and @CosmoKim for the behind the scenes shots.

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