The day is beautiful, Kloof street is full of its usual vibrance and palettable energy! The dresses are bright, the shirts crisp and colourful, short shorts and even shorter skirts on the boys and girls parading the street as if at any moment cameras will start flashing and poses will be assumed for the perfect ‘vogue’ moment to be captured.

Topless ‘artists’ relax on their street facing balconies, fashionistas with their oversized shades and handbags glide from shop to shop, café’s overflowing with the cool kids and their macs and designer coffees, lunchers in business suits and cellphones attached to their heads gobbling up the scrumptiousness on their plates, students on their smoke breaks people watching, the odd bergie mozy-ing along, life is good and I am on a mission to find the gorgeousness that will adorn Terry Pheto on the shoot for August issue of O mag.

It is my first week as the Fashion Intern at the magazine and Luisa (Fashion Assistant) is imparting as many tidbits, facts and opinions on fashion as she can with each flowing step as we walk towards yet another beautiful shop filled with everything a girl could not do without, then it happens.

Unassuming white exterior wall with a subtle yet grand name out on the front, I step into the room; suddenly everything is still in the world, I float, my body is tingling, my toes curl and a long and burning sigh escapes – I experience my first STOREGASM.

Thanks to Stefania Morland store, I was in heaven on earth. High-end fashion at its best, space filled with luxurious, creative and unique designs that remind you about the magnificence of life. I wanted to touch everything; soft fabrics, rich colour, beauty and style, garments that work with the body and the soul – everything whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I am in love.

I wonder how many more storegasms I can take. This job requires a lot of stamina in that regard, but there is nothing better than experiencing life’s beauty daily 🙂