Yes, this is going to be a small rant…

I appreciate that everyone is allowed an opinion and the right to express it. I really do. However, some things have nothing to do with anyone and people need to just let go of the entitlement, and the arrogance of stating opinions on things that are none of their business.

From their sweeping statements and opinions of women with weaves, Mshoza bleaching her skin, so and so gaining or losing weight, how someone dresses, whatever. It has to be okay to just let other people be.

So anyway, I’ve coloured my natural hair a sort of gingery coppery red colour…

Awesome Justice took this pic

by Justice

Today a, now ex, facebook friend thought it was his place to tell me that “my obsession with American lifestyle has led me astray and now I want to look like Rihanna”


I’m probably not calm enough to be expressing myself so publicly, but since I don’t plan on using any swear words in this post, I can trust myself to rant.

So let’s dissect this young man’s statement:
“Obsession with American lifestyle”
Anyone who has met me, interacted with me (even for 5 minutes) could tell you that this is not true. Me? Me? Akona? I’d say my obsession lies on my continent. Can I get an Amen? please?

Actually I should have asked him which America? North America? South America? United States of America? Maybe Latin America?

I could go on, but I won’t. So I’ll just go straight to the part that Rihanna is the original red haired woman and the only one who can have red hair. To pull a little zap sign to the misguided young man, I present images of Maasai people with ochred hair…




Can we just let people adorn themselves as they wish…