After 2 years and a few months of trying the hair thing, I let go. I released and chose to cull my coils.

The last time I had shaved my head was in October of 2010 having moved back to Joburg from Cape Town ( a second time) and at the time I was visiting Nigeria, taking a break from Joburg job hunting. I remember walking through the salon, passed throngs of women getting their hurr did and up to the second floor to the barber. I turned a few heads upon my entrance into a room full of men. Found a chair and a nice man approached me, looked at me in the mirror and jokingly said I may be in the wrong place. I asked him to shave my head and he smiled and said “you must be South African. Confident women you are”

The shaving, at least proclaiming to myself that it would be the last time was my silent prayer that I would get the job at the company I work for now. I got the job on my return to S.A. and I kept my promise. My hair grew very slowly. And without my mother I truly and honestly had no idea what on earth I was doing with my crowning glory every time I walked into a hair salon.

I went through phases of dying it fiery red, the thin braids, twists, box braids, even box braids with bangs. When I got bored or stumped I’d get some fabric and wrap my head. This head wrap / turban phase lasted a while as it became a gorgeous way to liven any outfit. More on that in the next post.

Three weeks ago, at about midnight I stared into the mirror in my bedroom and asked God to guide me through my troubles. And something said cut my hair. I ignored the whisper and went to bed. When I woke and went about my routine of getting ready for work I was combing my fro and stopped. I knew the affair was over and it was time to let it go.

I got a pair of scissors, chopped off chunks and once it was short enough I got through the rest with clippers.  It took an hour or so. I got into the shower and felt heaven as the water hit my naked scalp.

I feel amazing. And surprisingly I can still wrap my head with 4m of fabric.

The thing about a bald head is that there is no hiding. There is no adornment to work with. There are no hairstyles to compliment your mood or outfit. Nothing. Just bare honest me. It’s scary once you know the deliciousness of change of hair and looking different every so often. I love the bald head for now and am going to enjoy it for a few months until I decide what is next.



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