Not the greatest picture, my apologies… had to make sure I didn't spill my delicious cocktail. I have my priorities right after all – however, I digress.

Any one who knows or has met me, will attest to the fact that I love almost anything quirky by way of accessories. From earrings of platters of sushi, money, sink plugs and even real chappies bubblegum to handbags made out of newspaper and *almost* everything in between; I do love interesting items. Accessories with a difference, creative and original, with a certain 'je ne sais quoi', if you will, all find a happy place in my villa of quirk.

So of course this Marie biscuit broche thingy caught my eye. Seeing it made me all warm and fuzzy; the same feeling I would get from a marshmallow and marie sarmie.

The lady wearing it wouldn't tell me where she got it, but now I'm inspired! Either to find it, or have 'my quirk guy' make it for me. Wonder what other foods could we use?

[Insert evil laugh bwuahahaaahaha]

Quirkville makes me happy