Recently Puma held an exhibition with New York based visual artist Kehinde Wiley as part of their campaign called Legends Of Unity.

The launch, which was held on the June 24, was a classy affair. I got there quite late due to being bound to bed by the evil virus called the flu, but I didn’t miss too much. Anyway, for a Cape Town event, on a cold night, it was very well attended. The crowd was an interesting mix of different people from the ‘right’ circles, the ‘not so right, but okay’ circles and the rest of us who just go along to experience creativity and beauty.  DJ Kenzhero graced us with his skill on the music front, Liquid Chefs kept the drinks a flow and of course Kehinde’s original portraits of African soccer on African print background were riveting, beautiful and not overwhelmingly interesting – as in, us of lay terms and without our guru status when it comes to art could enjoy and even have a conversation about the pieces.

The artwork is a marriage of portraits, art, and fashion with an African touch.

Thomas from 5fm interviewing Kehinde

My highlight for the night though, was the sight of God’s gift to women; the oh so tall, dark chocolate, oh so gorgeous Djimon Honsoou. If the name doesn’t immediately send imagery to your mind, think of that hotness from Blood Diamond. Aaah. It’s coming to you now isn’t it.  Let me burst the bubble. He’s married, to the ex Mrs. Russel Simmons, Kimora Lee Simmons. (I don’t know why she hasn’t taken his surname.)

The exhibition ran until July 3 – it was wonderful while it lasted.

Good on Puma for taking advantage of the World Cup.