Have you seen the #likeagirl video? Always video championing confidence in girls by attempting to make people change their thinking and stop seeing or referring to things done ‘like a girl’ as insults. Well, 13 million page views tells me you might have.

Have you seen one of Dove’s many “beauty” championing videos, specifically the one called Camera Shy? It is a montage of real life reactions of women who are faced with a camera and proceed to do what most women do naturally, hide. A question is asked at the end – when did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?

Both, very  powerful and purpose serving. Both speaking to women and girls, but also one speaks specifically to young girls and the other, to women. To me, different, but also similar.

The other day I was caught off guard by this tweet claiming that Always plagiarised Dove. Having seen both these videos, I questioned my recollection of them and had to ask – did I miss something?


The premise may be similar – raise confidence. The execution is similar – using true to life scenario and normal people. This does not scream plagiarism to me. It is storytelling. It is using of human insights specific to a target market and creating communication that may change perspective.

Here are the two videos – please share your thoughts.





Maybe I’ve missed something. Maybe plagiarism is a too strong word. Maybe.




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