Winter sunlight. Rooftop Garden. Banging Music. Beautiful people. A drink or three.

This is what we are doing this Sunday. The KoolOut gang are back with the Koolin in the City Sundays and the new venue they’ll be hosting the session has me very excited.


I have BEEN meaning to check out the popular rooftop garden lounge for ages and now I have a better than ever reason to.


Let’s go.


Although it is supposed to be winter in Johannesburg, it has been beautiful bright and sunny with the gorgoeus clear blue skies that make everything inthe city gorgeous and pretty, although not green. The autumn colours are still quite rich and arm, which is why a day time festival is just perfect for this coming weekend.

Fete de la Musique is an annual music festival held in Melville, where the popular 7th Street will be turned into a pedestrian only carnivale type area, with live music performances from local and international artists, the restaurants that make 7th street famous will spill oover onto the road to create the festival feel

Starts at 12pm and the last performance on at 7pm.

Will probably bring the little nephew along to enjoy some noise and people in the gorgeous winter sun we are currently having in Joburg.

More info: Alliance Francaise

A few weeks ago I went to the Johannesburg Get Dirty party by Converse held at Mary Fitgerald Square in Newtown.

The idea, from what I saw, was that life is about living and getting youe shoes dirty is party of that.

First off, that for me misses an entire group of people – mainly black – who don’t think that dirty all stars are cool. Or at least not anymore.
That was a thing in the 90s and early 2000s
This piqued my interest and I bought my ticket online and off I went.

Thank all my lucky all stars the idea wasn’t translated literally in that it wasn’t ‘dirty’ per se and the idea was more around having fun.

There were three music stages with bands and stages, of course,  I lived at the Hip hop stage hosted by KoolOut. I saw Blk Jks and maybe Zebra &Giraffe at the other stage and some other weird electro bands at the third music stage.

The first stop, was the pretty swing carousel that we saw even before walking onto the square. Took me right back to my childhood at theme parks and the then Randburg waterfront.
What actually got to me to go to the party was seeing an instagram post of the Bumper Cars that had been set up. I mean! What more could a young at heart late twenty something ask for.
When we arrived, the bumper cars had technical issues and when they were fixed the queue of at least 100 people was too daunting, so instead headed straight for the bar. Of course.

The night was fun filled with great music, familiar and strange faces, exploring the whole party experiences area, ate candy floss and even took a ride on one of the bicycle taxis available to get you around. I couldn’t round up enough homies to play Pool with, so gave that a miss and danced instead.

Fun party. Nice idea. Thank you to Converse for bringing back the Experience to party time.















Hello from a stranger. As you know, received a wonderful gift of goodies from Dove a while back to try out their new Dove Lotions. Right off the bat – I love. Winter skin is not anyone’s friend and getting a little help to keep it healthy and happy is always a pleasure. I tried out the Dove indulgent nourishment body lotion with Shea butter for about a month – a little longer than planned – and I am so glad I did. What it feels like? Like a second comforting skin. In winter I would usually use a thick body butter to lather and protect my skin so I was a little sceptical at how smooth and soft the cream is. Surprisingly it does just as good a job if not better than thick butters I’m used to. It absorbs very quickly and lathers really smoothly on skin without the icky feel. The true test is how long it lasts for such a smooth and fast absorption. Dove body lotion is amazing at that all day moisture without having to touch up any areas during the day. Even using it at night was a pleasure because the scent is not heavy and I didn’t feel oily and sticky in bed. Thanks Dove, you have a fan! A

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I’m back.

June has been a blessed a beautiful month of sleep, family time, reading, eating,  being with friends and quality time with my wondeful family and most importantly – me time.

I quit my job. And have taken a month off the rat race to collect myself and rest.

Now in the fourth and final week of my hibernation I am coming out of my cave and peeking out at the world.

It is amazing how undervalued time off is. Taking time to be quiet, to be still and allow the self to refocus and energise. I am so thankful that I had this time.

Start the new month with a new job and a new lease on life. Renewed passion and focus.

Will blog all the interesting things I got up to when I chose to get out of bed, for now, back to my bed and book.


I have this group of awesome people I call friends. We get together every so often for beautiful random nights,  mainly for what we call Games Night. (Usually only play 30 Seconds)

Last week, we changed it up and followed random to Cyrildene for Korean BBQ and Karaoke.

This may have been the most random most awesome most hilarious most soul filling night this year. 

We went to a Korean BBQ called Gangnam (no jokes) on Derrick ave in Little China run by the most wonderful woman. The food was amazing.

The idea behind Korean BBQ is to order cuts of meat from the menu that you cook yourself at he table accompanied by Korean style condiments and veggies and more. My tummy met God. 

The night proceeded down the road to a weird building that is home to an amazing Karaoke centre.  I have no words for how random this night was.

We screeched to Whitney, Celine, Alicia and more in sound proof private room with drinks and selection of fruit. (Random)

Thank you to my Games Night gang; a week later I’m still chuckling. 



Hello darlings

You know how it is this time of year. Specifically in Joburg. It’s colder. The air is drier and our, or should I say my, skin starts to need much more love

Every year, without fail, I promise to drink more water, never forget my sun block and love my skin even more because it will not just stay wonderful just because i wish it so. What’s the phrase?  “You will never be as young or as old as right now”

Sometimes the search for winter skin loving products is fun. Sometimes not. And most times I just wish one product could be perfect all year round.

In Summer, I tried out Dove’s Deep Core Complex lotion and loved how easy it was absorbed into my skin and I didn’t feel icky and gross during the day. My skin could breathe and I didn’t feel the need to powder myself all over to keep it aired and not feeling sweaty

Recently, the lovely people at Dove sent me a hamper of Dove goodies including the Dove DeepCare Complex body lotion (for dry skin) yo try out.


Of the two they sent, I’m so excited to try out the one with Shea Butter.  Everyone knows my obsession with vanilla, cocoa butter and shea butter.  They have this warm friendly love filled scent about them. Can’t go wrong.

Usually I would go straight to the body butter tubs because I imagine they have a thicker consistency that protects one from the harshness of dry and cold weather,  so I’m looking forward to putting the Dove lotion through its paces.

Check back in a few days for my yay or nay.

So far. I love the smell. Soft and warm.

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