In September, my beautiful friends Rose & Nash gathered friends and family to celebrate the process of Lobola negotiations and agreements – essentially, got married.

It was such a beautiful day. The families coming together, the love they spoke and shared, the blessings they wished for the perfect (in my books) couple, the way that you could tell that both families were meant for each other as much as Rose and Nash are. Grateful to have experienced that day and be a part of the union of love.

Anyway, back to talking about me, seeing as this is my blog.

Rose sent some pictures that were snapped. and look, it’s me. In my late mother’s tan leather skirt and my signature headwrap. I also wrapped the bride’s head piece.

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My friend’s daughter celebrated her first birthday last week. It was a gorgeous and love filled day with lots of beautiful babies, toddlers, sun and laughter.

The week leading up to it had me wrought with anxiety because I could not find the perfect birthday gift. Do I get something for the baby? For her bedroom? For the parents to celebrate having kept a beautiful human alive and happy for year? If I got baby clothes, would I get the right size, right personality, right expression that wouldn’t offend the parents and something that won’t embarrass little girl when pictures surface at year wedding or 21st birthday? Would I get something that they already have or that someone would have also brought? See how nerve-wrecking gift buying is?!

Then I remembered that the best gifts are the ones you would also want for yourself.

I called Gareth of Babatunde to tell him that I needed something super cute in African print for a baby girl, he told me a designer from Benin had just dropped of some of her creations. I knew I’d made the right decision.

Bib and booties

Bib and booties

If they came in my size – they’d totally be mine.

For now, I’ll lust over these


I’m a cynic. I’m a cynic in the advertising industry.
I believe a lot of things, but usually can’t take off my ad hat when I see advertising…
Cynicism kind of comes with the territory; so when I am moved and find myself smiling or wanting and sharing an ad, you must know, it’s a big day… and, two of them are local creations.

This week, I’m in love (maybe we can call it “in like”) with these three ads:

1. Consol’s new “Celebrate the good life, with glass” campaign.

Look at all those beautiful people. It is shot beautifully, moves as deliberately as the movie “DRIVE” and just makes sense. Slick.
(I’m also more aware that I already prefer my drinks in glass. Didn’t pay attention before)
#IveArrived – showing people who are on their way or have “made it” making that conscious decision to enjoy life with only the best.

2. Coca – Cola “Share a Coke”

How cute is it. At first I thought, ja right, like Coca Cola would put names on their bottle. But low and behold, the TVC isn’t just some cute idea, it actually follows through by showing the actual product as it can be found in store. An of course, the dog’s name – every one knows that’s what all township dogs are named. Great insight used as part of the messaging. Now can we please find a bottle with my name, spelled without “h”

#ShareaCokeZA – Buy a coke and share it with the person whose name is on it… very sweet

3. Mercedes Benz – “Chicken” magic body control

Now this ad is not as new as the other two I’m loving this week.
I love it because it is so unexpected. And the car doesn’t even feature – purely selling you on the feature itself. So clever.

Over and out.

I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing this film tonight.

Whenever I see any African films or creative work, I am drawn. Unfortunately I don’t make enough of an effort to experience our continent’s creativity.

Here’s to celebrating African imagination, every day.


Hopefully I won’t be a stranger to my blog and actually tell you all about it… Otherwise here’s the trailer 

I think that is a bit of an unfair title; but it is what is my truth truth right now

Unfair in that life happens and what could I mean by saying life got in the way? in the way of what? Life got in the way of my “self publishing and flagellating” online life? Feels a little self absorbed.

Who knows. I do know I feel this guilt from not sharing & engaging on every or any little bit of me as i have been on this blog and other online platforms in the past few years.

Maybe I have nothing to say, maybe I do not find myself interesting enough, maybe I doubt my vocabulary and whether or not I would be able to articulate myself, if I had something to say.

I’m thinking a lot; no complete thoughts, because, well; life keeps getting in the way. While I seek silence, worry knocks on the door. While I resolve a problem in my head, a present crisis interrupts. While I channel clarity and purpose, my attention is averted to something else.

This post is just another one of those things that the internet will swallow up, but I will feel better for writing more than four or five sentences; even if they are about nothing really.

My voice and confidence are taking a little hiatus, and I guess so am I. Til my ego gives up trying to be the centre of my universe.

I am well otherwise. Just a little floaty and untethered. As my great ex-love used to point to out in me at times like these – feet not hitting the ground.

I want something. Just don’t know what. I need something. Just don’t know what it is for me to conjure it to life.

Hello. See you soon.

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So I’m finally going to check out the WKND Social situation tomorrow. It has taken me months of promising and now finally, I’ve committed and bought my ticket.


Boy, did I choose the wrong month. The theme for this session is WINTER WHITE! WTF??

“Who wears all white in winter?” was my rant to one of the Wonderful organisers, who then calmed me  showing me this mood board – apparently Winter White are all the white hues in the family to the colour, not necessarily the arctic white I seem to understand.


Still – even with the leeway, I’m stumped for an outfit.

Cross fingers I pull off a miracle.

Join me. Tickets are almost sold out!