If you missed the South African Music Awards shenanigans this past week, I envy the cave you live in… anyway, outside of honouring our countries great musos – the production wasn’t up to scratch. The live performances, which were televised, were brilliant however and again entrenched the notion that South Africans are fucking awesome!!

Moving along though. Ogilvy will be throwing our very own music awards this Friday. Red carpert, live performances [read: alcohol induced karaoke] and all here at the agency on Friday. I’m incredibly excited about it and I need to calm down about it because my excitement is for all the wrong reasons – or the right ones, depending on how you see life and debauchery…

So. Overworked Ad people + Copious amounts of alcohol + the end of a long week + Ridiculous Karaoke + glitter ball + red carpet = what more could a girl ask for?

See some of the posters around the agency….

That’s our MD right there…

Know anyone who might wanna MC our outrageousness? We all know Ogilvy throws a good party….