Vintage with a modern twist in one of the party capitals of the world

Astronete on Rua Matias Aires in Sao Paulo, Brazil brings the old skool to life, without too much effort. From the bouncer with hightop hair and coat, before you even enter a world of timetravel, intrigue hits you hard.

Going back in time, the intimate two roomed bar with exposed brick wall, which is adorned with old blockbuster and obscure movie posters Like Dawn of the dead,  The Miniskirt Mob and many B film advertisements. The long bar runs along one side of the smaller narrow room,  and the dance floor, seating and a small stage find their home in the larger room towards the back of the space.

Owner Claudio who fancies himself as movie aficionado and Thursday night DJ, says ‘simplicity with expression’ is the feel of the place. The quirky décor  and ornaments of clashing styles are interesting at best and great conversation starters at worst. Stand up hairdryers and Elvis posters help the less observant understand the  crazy 60’s and 70’s theme of Astronete.

They have party nights every day of the week, most popular being movie nights where the ‘drive in’ road sign leads to the likes of Mulholland drive on Wednesdays,  and Shakesville S.P.  the 50’s to 70’s rock and soul music night; everybody dresses up and Bianca the gogo dancer comes out to play; Bianca says   the relaxed and comfortable environment encourages socializing between the small crowd and creates a place to make new friends easily. Shakeville night allows people to be their crazy yet socially acceptable selves and weird and wonderful costumes.

On Saturday nights, Astronete is packed full of people  looking for the next big sound to come out of Sao Paulo, Band night draws the crowds amongst which are Talent scouts from around the world. Claudio claims that many a great bands have been discovered in his unassuming yet distinctive  bar.

For whatever you may be looking for, Astronete is a great alternative to the bigger and more popular bars and clubs in Sao Paulo. The city definitely has something for everyone; however, this little hidden gem is quite a treat for those in need of a little more entertainment in a kitsch yet cool environment.

Check out more photos here  – by Kassa