“Ibrahim’s latest is exactly what you’d imagine – a well-rounded, unclassifiable, genre-defying mix of innovative music. Somehow, Ibrahim manages to move from organic to electronic seamlessly in only a handful of tracks. This is an artist daring enough to erase boundaries that never should have existed.” — Okayplayer

Born in Vancouver, BC and raised between South Africa and Canada’s West Coast, Zaki Ibrahim spent her life moving between two culturally diverse worlds, culminating in her debut album, Eclectica (Episodes In Purple). Zaki’s music is captivating and vibrant. It’s thick with poetics and steeped in a delicious mixture of earnest emotion and social commentary.

The songs on Eclectica start with free-writing poetry and abstract pieces of writing, playing with words and couplets. On “You Choose” there is a lyrical message capturing the concept of directing your life and taking responsibility for your choices. It features samples, melodies, vocal stylings and lyrics from influential artists like James Brown, Sly and The Family Stone and more. In addition to collaborating with famed DJ/producer King Britt on “Money,” Zaki worked with Nick Holder on “Love/Like.” Zaki explains that on “Love/Like” she, “wanted a different sound and the harmonies somehow reminded me of water. I had never worked with water instruments before, like a Rainstick and the Udu, and it brought an ancestral/tribal tinge to the song.”

With a full length album in the works, Zaki will continue to break new ground, challenge assumptions and step outside her comfort zone. Her philosophy of making connections based on a mutual admiration for expression, creativity and the power of words, directs Zaki’s path. Expect the unexpected as Zaki continues to grow as an artist.


Zaki Ibrahim
Eclectica (Episodes In Purple)Red Ink Music
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