It’s that time of the year again when the worlds greatest pull into to South Africa and Jazz it up at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival 09. 

Every year is an experience like no other, even included on the line up are artists that aren’t traditionally Jazz musicians; so I guess you could call it a Great Music Experience weekend. A few years ago, I was blown away by South African hip hop artists HHP and International RnB songstress Leela James. (For Leela, had to leave a previous show early so I could run to her venue and stand right in front of the stage)

Here’s the 09 Line Up:

This time I’m extremely excited to see, amongst many others these three:

Brooklyn born rapper, actor, poet extraodinaire Mos Def – eish the hotness that is this man. (Mos, I drip for you…BC we go hard!)

He’ll be doing the last show on the last night at the aptly named Bassline hall at the International Convention Centre. 

340ml – Mozambiquan Afrodub Jazz foursome. They recently released their second album ‘Sorry For The Delay’ almost 4 years to the day after their first. They hook up freestyle dub, drumming, echo organs, guitar bass and of-course Pedro’s drifting vocals. I’ve seen them before, but they way they bring it – disappointment is a state I won’t know. 

Zap Mama believes through sound and beat, people discover culture and world unknown, which is something I think truly personifies what the festival is about. ZM performing in French and English, an explosion of Jazz, RnB, Cabaret, Soul and beatboxing with strong African influences all in one. 

This should be a weekend to remember – and it’s so close to my birthday!! 

check the website for more information, artists profiles and costs. 


I know my girl Tumelo will be there in full force and hopefully give us a review when she gets back…
(I can’t promise she won’t run backstage and kidnap Mos Def and disappear into the sunset) tl tl tl