Celebrate Life magazine is an innovative and touching installation brought to you by the creators of Studio83 creative lifestyle MAG. 

An initiative inspired by a one in a million angel; the late Lelethu Lumkwana. An amazing woman who in everything she did Loved and Celebrated Life. 

If you do nothing else; read this magazine. Be motivated to live your life to the fullest and fill your heart with everything that excites you. 

Live Now | Celebrate Life:
‘You have one life to live and if you do it right, once is enough.
Never ever give up on what you believe and dream of
Demand to be remembered forever’

With contribution from greats such as Kabomo, Nokuthula Maseko, Vuyo Lutseke and Lelethu herself, you’ll be hard pressed not to rethink Life and be enthused to Celebrate it/


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