bookclubThis past weekend I was reminded how amazing and gracious and incredible my group of friends is. Around this table are some of the powerhouses that make up what we call bookCLUB (don’t ask). We are missing a few people from the setting, but eight or so years later when the name was coined from some mischievous endeavours, we’re still going strong with the love.

This afternoon, Tumelo reminded me that I had written some of them a random letter of love back in 2012 – reading it again, I think it’s time for another. Not that much which change – they are still wonderful, just better versions of their 2012 version. Also missing a few on the old list.

I am grateful for my circle of women.

Here is the letter: unedited – grammar and spelling errors not omitted

From Akona To bookCLUB:

Dear friends

I’m just a girl, standing (well sitting) in front of her computer, asking you to accept her love.

In different and unique ways I love you all and hold you in very high regard.

You are beautiful, passionate, caring and absolutely amazing. Enough for me to want to express the glowing feeling I get when I’m in your presence, when you are on my mind and when you I read your emails and messages in your voice in my head.

What you have in common is how self-aware you are, and that makes for incredible women to be associated with.


Your heart is so big, your mind so fast, your laugh so true. You are deliberate in all you do and that speaks to how well you align your heart, mind and your soul. You are kind and thoughtful and have a way to make everyone feel special, and seen. You are a breath of fresh air. I appreciate you.


Buddy, you easy going nature with a mix humour makes you so wonderful to be around. As elusive as you are, as soon as we are together it’s as though we haven’t missed a step. I appreciate you.


You are calm and not. You are crazy and collected. You are passionate and full of life. You are honest and trustworthy. You know how to carry a friend in need, and you are willing to listen. Even as you change, as one does with time and experiences, I always know who you are. You make me laugh and help me escape the mundane, and do it all so effortlessly. I appreciate you.


The way you see the world is so refreshing. You are warm and hilarious. You have heart, and a lot of patience. You make me feel like anything is possible if you look on the bright side. I love that you love, and love the human you created who brings such happiness to me. I wanna be an ussist, just coz you are. I appreciate you.


Your focus is incredible. The way you do what you want to do without feeling hindered by what other people think is inspiring. I love that you don’t buy face for the sake of keeping things cool. You are beautiful and watching you blossom into yourself is wonderful. I appreciate you.


The lady. I love how open you are. I love how you stand by your opinion. I love that there isn’t a debate you can’t sprinkle with your Nomfundoness. I love the love you have for black people. I love your militancy in your beliefs. You are surprising and familiar. You are a woman of substance and class. You make me want to be better, try harder, question everything until I know where I stand. I appreciate you.


You are a woman of women. You trust, you love, and let life be beautiful. You are selfless and caring. I love that you are passionate and share knowledge with ease. You give of yourself without expectation. I appreciate you.


Your over the top laugh is experience that leaves me lighter, always. Your heart is big and the number of times you have been my rock are immeasurable. You love, you live, you laugh. Even when it is dark, you try and put everyone before you. You are willing to try new things, even if they scare you and that is wonderful. I appreciate you.


Quick wit, considered thoughts, and fantastic running commentary make you such a pleasure to have a conversation with. You make even the most complicated situation seem like a piece of cake. The way your mind works is a maze I love trying to figure out. You are an amazing woman who keeps being the gift that keeps on giving. I love being in your company. You are welcoming and loving. I appreciate you.


Nah ah man, I wanna make my own soce. Your passion is contagious. The adventurous spirit in you is inspiring. You try, you do, and won’t stop until something is great. I love that you can walk into a room full of strangers and walk out with friends. You are fast paced and intense, and that it quite a ride. I appreciate you.


Easily the most dynamic woman I know. I’m your biggest fan. I love that your dreams scare you a little and you challenge yourself and ask yourself those difficult questions. You are creative and speak your personality through so many visual and audio facets; it’s a great experience to enjoy. It has been beautiful to watch your soul come alive with every passing day. I appreciate you.

You are all women I would have been proud to introduce to my mom.

I love you.

(No I’m not dying)

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