As you follow this blog, and as I scratch up time and inspiration to update as much as I can, you will find I have a fascination with alcohol. Not just drinking the stuff but the places and people that are creative in serving it up and how it is enjoyed. 

There is one such place in Cape Town that has my full respect and I will sing their praises til they shut down (Universe forbid). It’s a true gem in the heart of this very european african city on the southern most tip of Africa – Julep. Located just off the infamous party hub Long street, hard to explain the exact location though. (It used to be the Royal Kitchen, if that’s any help)
Quaint little place with enough character to write a storybook, enough class not to check who’s looking before stepping in and of course Conrad (manager / owner) is certainly a treat for sore eyes. And oh is he charming. If that doesn’t tickle you, then staring at the art and photography on the walls should do you just fine. The most important part of this delectable tale though are the drinks. 
Julep offers up over thirty different liquid heavens in their delightfully creative cocktail menu including spin off’s of the well known versions. For example, the cuban cocktail; Mojito has a few fruit variations like mango, strawberry  – which in itself isn’t original – and there is a twist to the Moscow Mule and many more…  but if you’re anything like me, you’ll sip on that sexy glass of paradise and you’ll know you’re home. 
Making it even better is the happy (3) hour special they have – an opportunity to enjoy Julep’s cocktails making craft at almost half the price. 
Julep is still a bit of a secret, and hopefully will stay that way,  so when you’re there you almost feel like the cat the ate the canary. Even without the views of Table Mountain that other’s boast about, Julep is number one. 
The music is mix of soulful lounge and upbeat jazz – nothing too uptempo but you’ll be tapping your feet and letting the non invasive groove flow through you.
Even if it is just to see Conrad, Julep must be found!!
Eish, If only I lived in the mother city, or at the very least afford to be there every weekend.