A friend and colleague – the beautiful and talented Nkgabiseng – had a little vent moment and drew me a picture which she posted on her blog  www.lanoirlane.blogspot.com 

Part of her frustration is how we – specifically the advertising industry, but not exclusively – try to localise already Eurocentric elements. Yes, this is partly true and I keep asking – where is our African identity? What is our essence? Who are we?

Someone said “You can tell the mindset of a nation by the advertising you see” – What then is South Africa saying about itself?

Here’s the picture:

“Anyhow here’s my point, I drew this for Akona ( http://www.akmosaic.blogspot.com/ ) simply because she’s a constant reminder of African authenticity. That’s all.”

I love it! Thanks Gabilanoir


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