Hello friend

Please will you listen to this song. I’ve had it on repeat for a month now.

I don’t usually research artists or the story behind their expression. I like to just like to allow their craft to speak and resonate, but I’ve been going through a bit of an existential transformation that wants me to try and see the story as I would like my story, one day, to be seen.

Found this “making of” video and fell in love even more. Mali Music has been moving my life everyday on my drives to where ever and I finally succumbed to a video that might give me more context.

I know I should be looking at more, but I’m just stuck on his beard and his sweet face talking about his passion… I get weak for bearded men. I get weak for people excited by their craft. I get so much life from people who aren’t afraid to be.



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Everybody have thier own personaity and respect....