Got this idea from fellow blogger Miss N-tertainment, who was tagged by someone else to do this. (I’m guessing recalling a memorable celeb meeting)

New York  – October 2008 my girl Hypress and I were out and about on our last Friday night in the the most amazing city in the world. After checking out a cool party held at the Museum of Natural History – apparently where Night at the museum movie was shot – we decided we needed hip hop in our lives. The trance electro vibe with expensive drinks behind a long queue at the bar just would not cut it for us. Our prayers were answered and a tip came our way to experience legend that is Qtip on the decks was our saving grace.

The club was Santos Party House in downtown Manhattan. A place we had heard nothing about before that very night, but I’m so very glad we went anyway. So took the subway, got off somewhere, walked about ten minutes (without fear of anything untoward happening) and were met with a long ass muh fuhking line. 

We reluctantly stood at the back and waited, the weather turning a little nippy and sexy outfits not holding up very well. 

Next thing we see a gorgeous pearl white Bentley pull up further ahead towards the door, followed by a black town car. Gorgeous women with legs that only God created with passion walked out with I’m only guessing here a big shot of some sort. They went straight to the door and disappeared into this place we weren’t even certain was happening. (Yes, we had our doubts)

Anywhoo, Hypress decides we need to do something about this, and we go ahead toward the entrance as if we own the city. To our surprise, the only way in is if the bouncers or whoever decides thinks you’re good enough to get in. Not that you can’t get in at all, just not immediately. Reminiscent of the high class bourgeois clubs of Moscow! In any case the hotness that is Hypress accompanied by little ol me are let in – we pay the $10 and navigate out way through the space. 

The first area was all things reggae – now there I have nothing against that, but that night I wasn’t looking to get down and diiiiirty like that. Reggae / Ragga can get a little crazy. 

After looking around  for a bit and finding the right door, we stepped right into heaven!!

Hip Hop heaven that is – and as promised QTIP was on the decks. 

I’d love to go on about everything, but must keep the story moving. I’ll skip meeting all the great DJ’s of the 90’s and 80’s we met like Bobbito, taking a pic with Q himself, seeing Busta double my usual size Rhymes, us sneaking into the VIP section and having the time of our lives!

What I will say though is bathroom breaks are essential kids – not for the obvious reason though.

During one of the bathroom visits, things changed a bit; people were moved off the VIP area for a special VIP’s arrival. We ofcourse had no idea this had happened, so returned to our cushy dancing area, barely noticing the change of faces around us. 

After 45 minutes of dancing with my back to the most gorgeous woman alive, I turned around and saw the claws. Yep, the infamous claw tats on her chest!! Eve!!!!!
Now whatever you, as a fan, imagine you would do when this moment happened, I did! Subtly though! We got our picture with her and she went on about how much she loved Cape Town, Joburg and Cape Town once we told her we were from South Africa, she gave us hugs and was very very nice. But I realise, even though I remember this day so well, she doesn’t even know my name. It doesn’t take away from the fact that  love Santos, love Eve and love New York for experiences such as that!