Last week (or the week before) made my way to the new favourite after dark spot in Braamfontein, Great Dane, two nights in a row. On both nights, album launches were the buzz and brought all the cool kids to the 5cent coin floored yard.

Wednesday – Bhubessi’s “Member’s only”  mixtape launch. With Siya as MC. Muptee and Boyz in Bucks joined the young Lion on stage.

Thursday – Zaki Ibrahims’s “Every Opposite” album launch. I missed that actual launch due and arrived shortly after to only praise and love for the lovely Zaki. I definitely want the album.

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Miss Bianca Miles

Weds: I have a thing for lollipops when I don’t feel like drinking

Two of my favourite fashion bloggers – Thithi and Milli

Thurs: Me and childhood friend Nandi (

I don’t know.