It makes me so happy when a brand get customer engagement just right, and that is exactly what Jacob’s Kronung Coffee has done!

Welcome to Jacob’s Boardgame Cafe situated on 11th Street in Parkhurst. It is a cosy, well decorated and well stocked (with coffee and biscuits and boardgames) Games Cafe. Where you are invited to spend quality time with your people, enjoying the technology free space, engaging and playing games.  You bring in your own drinks and food as they do not sell anything and serve their delicious coffee.

I have been three times and loved every single one of those evenings. They open at 10am and close at 21:30. The installation closes at the end of August so make sure to make your way there soon.

It’s a warm place filled with loads of laughter, fun and good people and coffee. Here are some snaps from one the #GamesNight

From the outside smoking area

The Games Gang before 30 seconds game

#GamesNight with the gang can get very competitive – we seem to only play 30 seconds. There are other board games too, including Monopoly, Pictionary and more.