I’m back.

June has been a blessed a beautiful month of sleep, family time, reading, eating,  being with friends and quality time with my wondeful family and most importantly – me time.

I quit my job. And have taken a month off the rat race to collect myself and rest.

Now in the fourth and final week of my hibernation I am coming out of my cave and peeking out at the world.

It is amazing how undervalued time off is. Taking time to be quiet, to be still and allow the self to refocus and energise. I am so thankful that I had this time.

Start the new month with a new job and a new lease on life. Renewed passion and focus.

Will blog all the interesting things I got up to when I chose to get out of bed, for now, back to my bed and book.



This sounds like my life, only my June has been ruled by anxiety. Enjoy your book and new beginnings.