I have no words really…

Never before have I coveted an item as much I do these shades

Why oh why did the interweb let me see them. I’m trembling as I type this. 

Take Ray Ban Wayfarer (my fav style) add some quirk creatively (subway map) and make sure the quirk pulls a heart string (NYC subway map – one of my top 5 cities) an voila, we have superlative beauty

I want. I need. I love. 
The above style is apparently widely available at $145

Below style is a little more exclusive. Either way – I WANT. I NEED. I LOVE
A special Subway-inspired Wayfarer releases from Ray-Ban. Featuring a pattern replicating New York City’s iconic subway system, the Wayfarers come with a red leather case. The Ray-Ban “Subway” Wayfarer is limited to 100 pieces and will be only available through swagger retailers across Japan