Miss me?

I missed me. Been a little cloudy and lost and uninspired and overworked and and and

The last few weeks, as fun and frustrating as they have been, have been a little blurry. Not a single focused thought in this here head of mine.

Yesterday’s Women’s Day somehow broke whatever chain had a hold on me though, now I can see, taste, smell and think a little clearer and I’m hoping to hold on to this strength for a while as I forge a new pathway. Nothing drastic happened; I think the major springclean I did yesterday and a spot of hair colouring did the trick – something new is about to happen to me. I may not know what exactly it is, what I do know is that it is going to be beautiful and scary all at the same time…

Anywhoo… here’s to Wednesday… a few blogs coming up just for you (and me) and the happy universe