Hostess with mostess is celebrating her day of birth, again. And of course, as Ani does, it’ll be a rockstar party.

Now Anele – the Audi A1 Ambassador, 5fm Dope Jockey, Destiny Mag cover girl, witty and spectacular TV presenter, twitterholic, ribs and sushi loving,  all round fabulous and gorgeous lady with a heart of gold  – will be partying it up with us all at Mam’ Ruby aka Capello Lonehill tonight to celebrate her day (and night).
A special element to her turning twenty -heaven, she’s collaborated with Cheesekids (as she is a Super-Cheesekids ambassador) and asked that in leiu of gifts etc we bring blankets which will be donated to those in need.

So after that mouthful (typeful / fingerful) – I hope to see you and your blanky tonight….