It’s Monday
I’m well beyond exhausted, from the year, but most especially this weekend.
It was busy and debaucherous and fun and enlightening and filled with so much laughter that my ribs and abdomen hurt. I quite literally feel like I was hit by a truck, of enjoyment.

Over the laughs, had a really wonderful chat with my friend Dawn about happiness
We came to these conclusions

  • We really do have only one shot at this life thing, what’s the point of being unhappy?
  • Happiness is a choice and once you make it, nothing can stop
  • A positive and uncomplicated outlook is certainly the best, and should be the only, option. 
  • Yes, there are ups and downs, however if we choose to be happy, we can ride the ebs and flows quite easily. 
  • If it’s not adding to your happiness, let it go. 
  • The universe has too much happiness to ignore or cloud with negativity
  • Self awareness, self knowledge and self trust is key
  • Allow your gut to speak to you, and you will be guided in the right direction
Simply put – Happiness is possible
Have a great Monday…