Today was such a gorgeous day in Cape Town.

Spent most of the day on location on some rocky ‘beach’ close to The Twelve Apostles Hotel – (have no idea what the area is called). I’ll blog about the day in more detail later; what I wanted to address is a comment my friend made after I proclaimed “Hello Summer, I missed you”

Showered in light
Early arrival on location

He pointed out, truthfully, that even though Cape Town weather over the past few weeks has been sunny and glorious, it wouldn’t be wise to think winter has said its final goodbye.
Come September and October the dark clouds, rain and cold will be back to help us appreciate the sweet once the bitter disappears.

Having also posted the “Hello Summer” status on facebook, I received this comment from my friend Odwa

Mr. Burst My Bubble

I guess it’s not yet time to put away the boots, coats and warm Russian furry hats. Either way, I’m going to enjoy the good that is RIGHT NOW.

On a cold winter’s day

Hello today, I’ll live you.