In a little while, I’m going home for the weekend.

Yes, ndingumgoduki (Direct: I am a home goer) – which essentially means that I’m not from where I live and I [often] go home.

And that home is Umtata. I was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Umtata, raised in Fort Gale and went Umtata High School for my early years. My parents moved us from the beautiful Transkie in 1994 to Transvaal as my mother was made Financial Director of Department of Public works and the Government moved, so we moved. Transkie, Transvaal and even Umtata have been renamed since, but some names will forever stick with me (Transvaal excluded)

My granny lives in Ikhwezi, Etyamzanshe, and there is where I am going. Home. Not quite where I was raised, but it is much closer than Randburg.

Unfortunately, most of the 11hour  drive will be overnight, so there won’t be any pretty pictures.

I can’t wait to smell the fresh air, see stars, animals, hills and mountains, fewer buildings and skyscrapers, more landscape; simplicity. See my granny, hear her voice, her laugh, her smile and her wisdom. Old people are wonderous…


“Round my hometown…. memories are fresh” – Adele