Let us begin by me saying I am not a mother. I don’t have a maternal bone in my body. I do like to care, and nurture, but in small doses. I love little babies, their ‘seeing everything for the first time’ eyes and the joy in their laughter and the innocence, and how compact they are. But I love even more the fact that I can hand them back to their creators once the cute wears off, which it often does

Something else that I found I enjoy is asking the moms “personal” questions. I want to know all about pregnancy, the pretty and not so pretty stuff. I like to know what child birth feels like, not just about the screaming aching parts we see in the movies. I like to know these things; what does breast feeding feel like, what does it mean when you spend hours just staring. Do you like the way your baby smells, and those moments I’ve seen with my own sister, mother to my nephew, when moms just break down while trying to calm their crying baby. Strange, I know, considering I don’t want to be a mother.

Here comes a blog that asks moms about the journey into motherhood. The things our moms never told us and that Hollywood glazes over. The intimate and beautiful. The frightening and affirming. Those moments that moms talk about amongst themselves, but not really outside of that circle.

JohoMoms. Started by mother Nandi Dlepu recently, interviews mother in Joburg about their story. I imagine it is a place for moms to share and a bit of community. For me, it’s a peep hole into all the things I love to know. After every article, I’m left smiling, not wishing, just pleased. Happy.

It’s a aesthetically pleasing and simply laid out blog and the content is well thought through. Honest and beautiful accounts.

Check it out. It might make you broody, it may offer you insight, it may deter you, it may affirm and confirm things. Either way, it is a lovely space of sharing.

I particularly loved the interviews with my cousins Matahle and Yonda on their experiences. Of course I am biased so do go read for yourself.


Great initiative Nandi!


every moment is catch now in camera for memories.