You know how much I love Dukes Burger Joint in Greenside, so I’m very excited by this!
If you don’t know how much I absolutely love Dukes, read this

Towards the end of 2011, Dukes made me fall in love with them even more by introducing Rock Wednesdays.
On Wednesday evenings, they have a special menu that is brought to you in collaboration with music channel MK, the great chef at Dukes and popular South African bands. The menu items are creative, out of this world, as crazy as the bands and taste even more amazing.

Fast forward to now: A second round of band meals has been created and the reloaded Rock Wednesday Menu will be launched next week Wednesday 29 February at the burger joint. There will be music, food, fun and a rocking party! I hear some of the bands will be there to see their creations.  So, pop them an email or give em a call and let em know you’re coming.

If you can’t make next week’s launch, then make you sure go there the following Wednesday, or the next, or just go there every day,  for the rest of your life.

Rock on!