This morning read something about Dove creating a Beauty Patch to help women feel more beautiful

I was skeptical and properly rolled my eyes.

I watched a video showing the journey of women feeling more beautiful. At first I was annoyed with the idea that confidence was just a patch. I wondered what chemicals these women were putting into / onto their body. I was practically screaming at my computer screen “you have to love yourself, all of you, as you are, and you have to work at it”.

I felt a little cheated watching these women take the short cut on a road I’ve been struggling with recently – not feeling beautiful. I don’t think it matters if someone else thinks I am, it’s about me believing and feeling my best, and for a little while my mojo was gone. She’s coming back though.

No short cuts, but I realised that any helping hand, big or small, to believe in yourself goes a long way, so I’m not mad at Dove for continuing to be that helping hand – no matter how strange it is

Watch the Dove Beauty Patch journey. And remember to smile. (They say smiling even if you don’t feel like it tricks the brain to think all is well and stop fretting over the little things)


today am very happy because my father give me my pocket money.