Hello from a stranger. As you know, received a wonderful gift of goodies from Dove a while back to try out their new Dove Lotions. Right off the bat – I love. Winter skin is not anyone’s friend and getting a little help to keep it healthy and happy is always a pleasure. I tried out the Dove indulgent nourishment body lotion with Shea butter for about a month – a little longer than planned – and I am so glad I did. What it feels like? Like a second comforting skin. In winter I would usually use a thick body butter to lather and protect my skin so I was a little sceptical at how smooth and soft the cream is. Surprisingly it does just as good a job if not better than thick butters I’m used to. It absorbs very quickly and lathers really smoothly on skin without the icky feel. The true test is how long it lasts for such a smooth and fast absorption. Dove body lotion is amazing at that all day moisture without having to touch up any areas during the day. Even using it at night was a pleasure because the scent is not heavy and I didn’t feel oily and sticky in bed. Thanks Dove, you have a fan! A

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