Was having a chat on twitter with @Converse_Africa and I was reminded of the love / hate / misunderstood relationship I have with sneakers / tekkies etc.

I don’t really wear sneakers, of any kind, I just don’t know how. My feet feel gigantic and my ankles are tiny. The last time I had running shoes, for example, was in High School – I just don’t well in that department… but it’s okay. 

Before my Smirnoff globetrotting trip in 2008 started I decided to break this laceless life of mine and I got myself a pair of white Converse All Stars. The plan was to wear them at least once in every single city /island we visited and never wash them until until I got home. I did, it was fun, and they soaked up love in every city.

13 months, 32 odd cities and taa daa, my not so white All Stars. I tried to wash them once, but then felt bad, as though I was washing away memories… this is where the trouble begins. I have this really cute outfit I’d like to wear today, and in my head it would look great paired with my All Stars. Will I be judged for wearing a really awesome skirt and dirty shoes? 

I was once told that All Stars shouldn’t look brand new, and the ‘dirt’ gave them character. I’m not too sure about that. 

Catch me at Misael tonight for the Champagne Exhibition event and see if I go through with the shoes…

Happy Friday the 13th…