Dear Friend

I Don't come to you to be judged. Now, I know this sentence seems as though I may be starting a fight, but take this as my plea to you. A plea for you to understand my understanding of friendship.

We know a lot of people. We engage with a few more. We experience people and we learn a lot about ourselves from these interactions.

Here's what I need you to know – I love you. I trust you. I appreciate you. This all comes with responsibility. The responsibility to know that I give my heart and honesty to you, because I know that with you I can just be. I can be weak, I can be strong, I can be. I need you to be my friend in the way that I understand friendship. (Sounds selfish, right?)

You aren't a colleague. You aren't an associate, not a random, not someone I say hi to nje at a party, not just someone I know. You are my friend, you are a part of who I am, who I hope to be, and whom I hope to become. Please be careful with my heart. This is existential.

Dear friend, as much as I need you too tell me what I don't want to hear sometimes, and so on and so forth, I do expect not to be judged by you.

I come to you, come to you in need and in abundance, for whatever reason – never to feel less. I love with all of me, including my insecurities, never to be made to feel like I'm not good enough.

You are my friend. My heart. My sun. My stars.

You being a part of my facebook, twitter and bbm life is just the cherry on top.

Friendship is so beautiful.