Once in a while and less often that I would like, I do something kind for myself. This varies from telling myself sweet nothings in the mirror, writing myself love letters, getting myself flowers to wrapping each book I buy so that when I am ready to read it, I get to unwrap a gift. (Usually this also means I do not know what I’m about to start reading from my pile of self-gift books. Fun)

Recently, I purchased myself a ‘happy new year, you are awesome’ gift and I love her! She depleted the ‘you are awesome’ fund quite a bit, but good heavens she is beautiful.

2014-02-12 16.14.18

Something must be said about opening up an Apple product. I’m pretty sure angel’s sing every single time.

I’ve named her Vanilla (my favourite scent and taste). So anyway, as with every coveted item, Vanilla needs friends and I saw two friends who would be perfect for her. I Need, I Want, I Lust.

Old School Satchel


These gorgeous old schools satchels come in various sizes to fit your life into beauty – 11, 13 and 15 inch. Hand crafted leather bags in delicious colours such as fire engine red, chocolate brown, everglade green, petal pink, electric rose and more.

mellow_yellow_small_oldschoolsatchel_1Vanilla would be so snug in the 11inch mellow yellow satchel.

www.oldschoolsatchel.co.za for your dose of ctrl+alt+love


Vanilla’s other future friend is this really awesome, collapsible, sustainable material (whatever that means) laptop stand from the clever people at Raw Studio’s.

The Standup




How slick and sexy is this? And only R170

Raw Studios (based in Pretoria) also have some other pretty ‘raw material’ goodies like stools, cabinets, tables and more on their website to like, like, love



OMW, these are ALL amazing. I am very jealous of you for that Macbook. Lovely name :)