Is a woman’s hair really her crowning glory?

Have been looking at theses images by Delphine Diallo for a few days now. At first I was magnetically drawn to them because I couldn’t quite make sense of what I seeing and how I felt about them. These images are moving. The words ‘regal’ and ‘striking’ came to mind. Followed by the humming of that dumb song by India Arie claiming she is not her hair. To that, I call bullshit.

Hair, as with make-up, accessories and even clothing are all part of personal adornment. How we add and remove to accentuate, hide and celebrate our bodies. One cannot and should not remove themselves from the way they choose to adorn themselves any day.

Hair is so personal (it’s so difficult finding a hairdresser you can trust), it is an expression and extension (hehehe) of self, it speaks volumes (he he he) and helps to either get straight to the point (tl tl tl) and sometimes help us beat around the bush (okay, I’ve stopped). It is a part of who we are and want portray ourselves as.

In any case, I’ve been growing my own hair for a bit over a year. I have a cute afro that i’ve been trying to maintain for the past few weeks now and I am fascinated by my mane. The colour, the texture, how manageable it is depending on how much care I put in the night before, the glows and flows, it’s wonderful and stressful and all mine. I also experimented with braids, which I thoroughly enjoyed, in the attempt to grow and save it of my hair clippers. It’s been a beautiful journey and I have grown to respect women who get creative with any kind of hairstyle in an attempt to express themselves.

I just wish there were more online resources for braid and natural hair styles and care.

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I have found that Facebook and You Tube are great places to find styles and tutorials.  They have really helped get around growing my natural hair


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