So I’m finally going to check out the WKND Social situation tomorrow. It has taken me months of promising and now finally, I’ve committed and bought my ticket.


Boy, did I choose the wrong month. The theme for this session is WINTER WHITE! WTF??

“Who wears all white in winter?” was my rant to one of the Wonderful organisers, who then calmed me  showing me this mood board – apparently Winter White are all the white hues in the family to the colour, not necessarily the arctic white I seem to understand.


Still – even with the leeway, I’m stumped for an outfit.

Cross fingers I pull off a miracle.

Join me. Tickets are almost sold out!


Let’s go.


Although it is supposed to be winter in Johannesburg, it has been beautiful bright and sunny with the gorgoeus clear blue skies that make everything inthe city gorgeous and pretty, although not green. The autumn colours are still quite rich and arm, which is why a day time festival is just perfect for this coming weekend.

Fete de la Musique is an annual music festival held in Melville, where the popular 7th Street will be turned into a pedestrian only carnivale type area, with live music performances from local and international artists, the restaurants that make 7th street famous will spill oover onto the road to create the festival feel

Starts at 12pm and the last performance on at 7pm.

Will probably bring the little nephew along to enjoy some noise and people in the gorgeous winter sun we are currently having in Joburg.

More info: Alliance Francaise

A few weeks ago I went to the Johannesburg Get Dirty party by Converse held at Mary Fitgerald Square in Newtown.

The idea, from what I saw, was that life is about living and getting youe shoes dirty is party of that.

First off, that for me misses an entire group of people – mainly black – who don’t think that dirty all stars are cool. Or at least not anymore.
That was a thing in the 90s and early 2000s
This piqued my interest and I bought my ticket online and off I went.

Thank all my lucky all stars the idea wasn’t translated literally in that it wasn’t ‘dirty’ per se and the idea was more around having fun.

There were three music stages with bands and stages, of course,  I lived at the Hip hop stage hosted by KoolOut. I saw Blk Jks and maybe Zebra &Giraffe at the other stage and some other weird electro bands at the third music stage.

The first stop, was the pretty swing carousel that we saw even before walking onto the square. Took me right back to my childhood at theme parks and the then Randburg waterfront.
What actually got to me to go to the party was seeing an instagram post of the Bumper Cars that had been set up. I mean! What more could a young at heart late twenty something ask for.
When we arrived, the bumper cars had technical issues and when they were fixed the queue of at least 100 people was too daunting, so instead headed straight for the bar. Of course.

The night was fun filled with great music, familiar and strange faces, exploring the whole party experiences area, ate candy floss and even took a ride on one of the bicycle taxis available to get you around. I couldn’t round up enough homies to play Pool with, so gave that a miss and danced instead.

Fun party. Nice idea. Thank you to Converse for bringing back the Experience to party time.














I am really such a head in the clouds, dream chasing kind of person. I throw caution to the wind and I dive into happy-making moments all because my heart shouts louder than my head. I’ve learnt this about myself in moments of retrospect; I then proceed to fail at trying to change myself to be a head person and less of a heart person, now I’ve just accepted that this is who I am.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because I took a leap of faith; against my so-called better judgement and I entered that travel job competition through My Destination. (Blogged about it here). And this story is about the 24 hours of my impulsive fun loving dream chasing happy making peeks of me. (Long, please read the whole thing)

So on Saturday, I woke up energised by the dream to travel, gripped by the possible regret of not trying, by any means necessary, to make my dream to happen. I enlisted the help of my friend to be camera woman with my little camera phone and I quickly scripted a possible shot list of the things I would do to make an original and unique and personal video of the city I live in. The creation of a 3 minute video being one of the entry mechanics to the competition.

We started out with a drive to Braamfontein, with on camera pieces of what my video entry would be about – the focus of my love of Joburg would be centered around open air and /or rooftop entertainment. The first being neighbourhoods market; armed with a quick drink, some air kisses with beautiful Jozi people and a few links to camera about the venue, we got what we needed. It was loud. I must say, didn’t really know what I was doing, but we forged on. Just a quick one – I’m deadly scared of being on camera and I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to any kind of public speaking.

The next stop was the rooftop hangout on Juta street, The Beach. I mean, how much cooler could inland Joburg be? Real beach sand and vibes on a rooftop in the middle of the city, far from the ocean, but you can stick your feet in the sand, overlook the bustling streets below and a peek over at the ever beautiful Nelson Mandela bridge. We didn’t stay too long because we had convinced the people at the door that we had to get in without paying the R150 entrance fee since we were not on the guest list – life or death situation, we told them.

We then did a short on camera link about Nelson Mandela bridge, and as part of my own bucket list tick; walked across the bridge! Always wanted to do that. It’s fun, and it was awesome to see the parked trains under the bridge up close and not whizzing past as I usually see them.

The plan was then to drive to Rosebank, take the Gautrain (you know, show how people get around in our snazzy new development and the only underground train travel in S.A.) from there to Park Station, walk to Bree taxi rank and take a minibus taxi (you know, show how most residents get around) back to Rosebank. But that plan was thwarted because we were running out of time to get to the climax of the video, which was my biggest bucketlist to do item ever…

Ended up in Soweto a little late and had to turn back to the North and plan on doing the last part of the video on Sunday morning.

Now, I’m going to take you along on a trip of what happened the rest of Saturday even though it’s not part of the video entry. But it was unplanned fun- all part of my impulsiveness and love of random excursions.

Thami decided we needed a good night out and we convinced our DJ friend Akio to let us be his wing-women on his gigs for the night. What a fantastic decision that was. We drove to his house, parked my car and proclaimed it was a no driving but lots of drinking night for us. Jumped into Akio’s car and for the first time heard the itinerary. I remember thinking I would need lots of energy drinks for this one.

First stop – back to Soweto, at Chaf Pozi for a Miller event where Reason, Khuli Chana, Dimplez and Akio were performing. Great music and great fun.  Thami took to the dancefloor like the lover of shaking it she is, I chilled and people watched and had random conversation, like I do. Some drinks were had and lots of laughs shared. Some of our friends arrived and the circle was made bigger.

The next stop was Joburg CBD again, at the Lister Medical Building close to Carlton Centre for a Sky Room Live event. This happens on the 19th floor and the rooftop of the building, where artists perform with the gorgeous backdrop of Jozi city in lights (breathtaking views) and the performances are broadcast live on television and online! Brilliant concept. I loved the party, loved the views, loved the music – Reason was performing again and he did a completely different set to the one at Chaf Jozi and he was joined again by his DJ Akio (Reason even did a shout out to Akio’s parents who were streaming the show live from Tennessee and had never seen/ heard Akio perform before), the trio was completed by Reason’s performance and album Producer, the beat maker 37mph. Incredible set.

We made our way off the rooftop, continued the closing shenanigans and proceeded to the next stop.

OST in Newtown. The dodgy spot that is sometimes indoor venue to some of the coolest outdoor / street party concerts (think Bilal concert). Anyway, I love and hate OST and that night it was a stop over that provided awesome entertainment.

Final stop was Kitcheners. It’s a firm favourite party spot for me, and doesn’t need much explaining. Unfortunately Saturday’s party was a weird music and crowd experience, but I didn’t hate it. We ate and drank and bid our goodbyes to the night at about 4am (maybe it was 5am).

As mentioned, none of the after-dark missions were part of the film making that Saturday was meant to be about but am so glad my liker of things self was not silenced.

The sunrise came with a blue skied nippy morning and I woke my camera-woman, Thami, up for the final moment required for my competition entry – something I had never done before and had to have to make my video of my Joburg spectacular!

On fours of sleep, at 10am on Sunday morning, I bungee jumped off the Orlando Towers in Soweto. It was the most exhilarating and most frightening thing I’ve ever done. Life flashed before my eyes as I removed myself off the the rope bridge between the top of the two Towers and fell towards the earth. I was a little bird who believed she could fly. I screamed. I panicked. I thought I would die. My mind and body were boggled by this weightlessness. I released all fear. I thanked God for every blessing that had ever come my way. I felt more alive than ever in those incredible few seconds


What made it even more amazing was that it worked out well as part of my birthday gift to myself which was on Tuesday.

Thami captured the jump, the screams, and the craziness and the tears at the end and my video footage was complete.

Then came the hard part; trying to edit the damn thing. Me and my determination forgot about the fact that I had never edited a video before, didn’t even know what program to use, how to even put everything in sequence. Technology even tried to get in my way with my Android phone and Apple laptop acting like they were enemies. I managed to download the footage, select what I liked and panicked again at the fact that editing was so foreign to me – but I watched a few online tutorials, fumbled about and somehow created a 3 minute story of why I loved Joburg (on a budget nogal)

Here’s the link to my first ever YouTube post and one of the entry mechanics to the greatest job on earth (to travel the world for 6 months, across 6 continents, reporting experiences via blogs and vlogs and ticking off all the things I’ve ever wanted to do through The Biggest Baddest Bucketlist competition)

What do you think?

Wish me luck!

The WKND SOCIAL is back for its first instalment in 2013, aptly dubbed “The Love Hangover”

If you haven’t heard, read, or seen all the hoohah about this shindig then you have been living under a rock and you just have to come.  In the meantime, have a look see at the facebook page, drool and then buy your tickets. They are limited.

I call it the ‘grown folk’ get together; and when you come, you’ll know why.

Everything you need to fill your soul – good food, good people, good music, good venue in the middle on Jozi.






Ticket Options

Option One:


Good food and bottomless cocktails
Time: 11:00 to 15:00
Price R200
Includes Good food, after party and shuttle service to brunch venue

Please note:
Brunch will be served between 11:00 and 14:30
Shuttle service will run from 10:45 to 12:30 and again from 15:00 to 16:00
Ticket purchaser will be emailed meeting point details

Option Two:


Join us at Puma Social Club’s current home
The Canopy – 81 De Korte Street, Braamfontein, for a sound track inspired by the 90’s.

Time: 15:00 to 20:00
Price R50 (pre-sold) and R100 (at the door)

Buy a ticket, tell a friend and do the right thing like Spike Lee!
Remember tickets are limited.

Tickets can be purchased online from (

twitter: @thewkndsocial

For a while I’d been hearing about this rooftop beach spot in Braamfontein that Grolsch had been using to host Saturday afternoon shindigs. So I finally went last month to check it out. Was surprised that it was actually called “The Beach” – even though I’d seen pictures with barefoot people chilling on beach sand under large umbrella’s – I guess I just imagined those people had appropriated a name themselves. Anyway, going up the steps to the second floor, which is coincidentally the roof I didn’t really know what to expect. And there it was. This quaint little rooftop, with a small Grolsch bar, dabber barmen, beach sand, beach chairs, cushions, big umbrella’s, a DJ stand with decks and all. I’m told the venue is accessible by invite only and takes up to about 30 – 50 people, which makes it quite nice for relaxation, conversation and pretending Jozi has a beach. The views on one side offer a peak from above of the buzzing Juta Street and surrounds, on the other side a beautiful view of iconic Mandela Bridge and Johannesburg CBD. It’s really quite beautiful and refreshing. Waiting for it open again for the new year.

The Beach

The Beach


So quaint and wonderful

So quaint and wonderful

Ran into awesome Sizwe

Ran into awesome Sizwe

Miss Sunshine and Fred

Miss Sunshine and Fred





Love this picture

Love this picture

IMG_20121216_145101 IMG_20121216_145151 IMG_20121216_145418

Rose and Lerato

Rose and Lerato


after the rain...

after the rain…

Miss Boogy Maboi on her birthday

Miss Boogy Maboi on her birthday

20121215_142823 (Large) 20121215_142847 (Large)20121215_142847 (Large)

My camera does panomaric prettyness

My camera does panomaric prettyness


…at the Braamfontein store opening event – #PumaDigsEgoli

I remember this night concluding at Kitcheners, at about 4am. SMH


This past weekend, I attended my very first Oppikoppi festival in Northam, Limpopo.

Went alone to a place I’d never been.

I think I’m still reeling from how incredible that festival is, plus still coughing from all the dust stuck in my chest. It was also my tent sleeping experience. Froze the first night.  I had a beautiful time and wouldn’t change a second of it. Even getting lost on my way there. Highlights: Sharing my tent with the super amazing and gorgeous Georgia Gardner of Rolling Stone Magazine. Finding friends, making friends, losing all of them and starting all over again, almost every two hours, encountering friendly and crazy strangers. The Red Bull stage was my absolute favourite – even with it’s rocky hike holding on for dear life to a rope I wasn’t sure would keep up. The sunset over one of the stage’s as Vusi Mahlasela sang  my soul to releasing all anxiety. Meeting twitter people I like and enjoy. Drinking a weird concoction involving tequila, vanilla vodka, tobasco sauce and juices. Sitting around a big fire in the wee hours of the night with some strangers talking about everything and nothing. Having random people point and scream hey, it’s Akona with the tequila’, having my client, MK, email on Monday to jokingly say “at this point, MK would like to distance themselves from Akona, who was easily the biggest party animal of the weekend. Finally, having been able to share the experiences with people online, as well as those who were physically there. I loved everything, even the dust, the endless walking (and the aching body afterwards), the traffic (took 7 hours to get home) and my clutch leg dying almost as soon as I got near the bathtub for the post-Oppi scrub.

Nothing can prepare you for Oppikoppi, no matter what. Other than the essentials, an open mind and jolly deposition are all you really need.

Found loads of pictures that require some time to get through – for now, here’s moi

Day 1 (first pair of gum boots too.)

My mickey ears that @Kate_P gave me

Rock climbing

Twitter friend

Chris of The Kreef Hotel

Everyone’s favourite DJ Raiko.

With Zama

Some cutie who insisted of having his pic taken

Friendly stranger met on the rock climb

The end – dropping off the rental car barely able to stand


It makes me so happy when a brand get customer engagement just right, and that is exactly what Jacob’s Kronung Coffee has done!

Welcome to Jacob’s Boardgame Cafe situated on 11th Street in Parkhurst. It is a cosy, well decorated and well stocked (with coffee and biscuits and boardgames) Games Cafe. Where you are invited to spend quality time with your people, enjoying the technology free space, engaging and playing games.  You bring in your own drinks and food as they do not sell anything and serve their delicious coffee.

I have been three times and loved every single one of those evenings. They open at 10am and close at 21:30. The installation closes at the end of August so make sure to make your way there soon.

It’s a warm place filled with loads of laughter, fun and good people and coffee. Here are some snaps from one the #GamesNight

From the outside smoking area

The Games Gang before 30 seconds game

#GamesNight with the gang can get very competitive – we seem to only play 30 seconds. There are other board games too, including Monopoly, Pictionary and more.