Have I ever told you about my bookCLUB? No. Damn

Well, long story short, it is a group of strong, smart, beautiful, upwardly mobile, creative, witty, and independant women. Friends, colleagues, partners in crime and future presidents. 
We get together, inspire each other, challenge each other, and we are a formidable group of women who are about to take over the world. 

Tuesday bookCLUB get togethers are not as innocent as they sounds – we party like rockstars and fully bring the house down. 
Don’t be fooled though, we read; …. the cocktail menu and wine list! 

Tonight we celebrate Anele’s 25th birthday. I’m scurred!!!
It’s going to be the party of all parties!! Look out for pics and unforgettable moments in the next few days!

bookCLUB; We go hard!