Thathi’sgubu, thathi’sgubhu….

It’s been almost a decade since the sensational kwaito / afrobeat band were together to dazzle and enchant us mere mortals. BONGA MAFFIN are going to be on stage, in 2014, this weekend. All four original members. Thanks to Castle Milk Stout #CMSNightPicnic.

When last did we have such good news? I mean, Speedy and his towel will be there, Stoane with that voice and words I sang along to without knowing the meaning, Appleseed and all his dreaded glory and of course, the irreverent King Tha! This is truly a once in a decade situation.

I still can't believe it.

I still can’t believe it.


It’s going to be a night picnic session in Wemmer Pan (where is that?) on Saturday 22 February. Also on the line-up are hot as fuck (looks? maybe. skill? fuck yeah) DJ’s Kenzhero (I never know how to spell his name), Sphe, Ndubble, Vigi and Amu (Amu DJ’s?)

How do we go? (I say we because i too had to do this)

  1. Log on to Facebook
  2. Go to Castle Milk Stout SAB page
  3. Click on the competition tab
  4. Fill in your details in the form and cross fingers.

The competition closes this Friday 21 Feb. So get on it.




i want to spend my all life in naran and kaghan.